Election Goes Digital

I want to give a huge shout out to my two colleagues Laurie & Lori and the sixth graders for the mock election they organized. From what I saw it went off smoothly and was a huge success! Each class had a time slot to go down and vote and they got each group in and out of there in about ten minutes.

The kiddos walked down to the polling area where two voter registrars were stationed at a table. They were immediately directed to get into two lines for the registrars. They were asked to state their first and last names so that the registrars could check their names off the voter list. I loved this touch, because is this not similar to what we experience as adults?

Then, the registrars directed them to one of two lines where they stood behind a red line to wait for the first available booth. The kiddos were pretty respectful while waiting in line. They quietly waited their turn, excited to have the opportunity to vote. I thought the red line was a great idea because of how it stressed to the kiddos how voting is private. They were very respectful of this.

I have to tell you about the booths! There were a couple of tables set up in the open hallway. The tables had privacy board on them, sectioning them off into four distinct booths. Each booth was equipped with ballots materials. A few words about the ballots:
1) they were electronic, iPads to be exact
2) the electronic form was a Google form
3) the ballot had a few questions on it: presidential choice, school
configuration, and mean-spirited behavior
After each kiddo voted a registrar made sure that the vote was submitted and a new form was ready for the next voter.

Now, what voting day is complete without a 'I Voted Today' sticker? I don't know about you, but there is something about that sticker; I know I always proudly wear mine after voting! Of course the kiddos just ate that up! They proudly wore their voting sticker!

Thanks again, sixth graders, Lori, and Laurie for pulling of. An incredibly smooth and engaging school-wide event! It was much appreciated!!!


  1. Thanks, Tracy - it was so much fun to work with the sixth graders to set this day up. They did a great job and the stickers WERE the best touch - thanks to Microsoft Publisher we put those together in about ten minutes!! Now, if only iPads and Google Forms could change our national elections!!


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