Brr!!! It's Getting Cold

I happen to be one of those people that prefers to run outside.  Even though I've always considered myself to be a bit of an indoor girl, I have always preferred being outside.  When I was a walker, I preferred walking outside to on a treadmill.  And so the same is true when I run.

Here in New England we get some pretty cold mornings (nowhere near as cold as my friends in Michigan) and just because the frost is absent on the car windows doesn't mean it's not a bit chilly.  The last couple of weeks it has been pretty cool in the early am and I've had to pull my shirt sleeve down to keep my hands warm.  Which doesn't work quite so well. 

A trip to Costco with my co-blogger and problem solved!  I purchased Digital Sport Running Gloves by Head.  I already have gloves at home that I could use while running, but why sweaty up a pair of dress gloves?  These seemed to be the perfect answer!

This morning I went for a run.  There was frost on the car window and a quick check with the Weather Channel app told me that it was 36 degrees.  BRRRR!!! I threw on these bad boys and was good to go.  

The two things I absolutely loved about them was 1)they kept my hands quite toasty, and 2)I was able to turn on the radio app on my phone.  For me this was a total score, because I enjoy listening to the radio and sometimes I have to adjust or check one of the apps I have running while I'm running.  

For some reason when I went on the Costco site and these gloves are not coming up.  Maybe they are only available for a short period and only at a few Costcos?  But, I did find them on Amazon.  If you have a Costco near you check there first, they were definitely cheaper. 


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