I have always been a bit of a smoothie fan.  Over the years I have gone through fits and spurts of smoothie making.  I've gone through broken at least two smoothie makers.  Each ending in no more smoothie making for a short period of time.  Since Pinterest, and now my Ninja, I am in smoothie heaven.  Although, I have made a few duds, most of them are delish.  I can't go into detail about the health benefits of the smoothies that I'm going to share here.  Nor can I share everyone I've made.  But these below, have the best flavor.

This one I just made yesterday. Don't let the incredibly unappetizing color (brownish-red) turn you off.  That's just because green, blue, and red don't mix well color wise.  But the flavor...OH MY!  I was in heaven!  One thing to know...a lot of smoothies include spinach for the health benefits.  You can't taste it.  The flavor of the fruit always overpowers the spinach.

Another one that I made just this week.  Unfortunately, where I live is a trip just to get to the highway.  Which means that healthier grocery stores are a distance for me.  Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are nowhere near me.   It was a huge pain to find the flax seeds; they were hidden in an obscure section in the 3rd store I went to in my area.  Anyways, it was quite flavorful.  I did make one small tweak.  I used blueberry pomegranate white tea in place of the green tea.

A final one that I thought had a great deal of flavor was this one.  It may important to note that I tend to tweak almost every smoothie I make. If it says water, I most likely use coconut water.  If it says to use yogurt, I use nonfat Greek; like in this recipe.  This was a very flavorful smoothie!  And the original source calls it a snack attack smoothie.  That's no joke.  I drank this for breakfast and it kept me full all morning; I didn't need to have my mid morning smoothie.  (I always drink two smoothies in the morning.)

Oh!  A shopping and prep tip.  I make a list of everything I need.  The liquids (milk, coconut water) and dry ingredients (oats, flax) usually last me a couple of weeks.  I usually buy fresh fruit, but sometimes it just makes more sense to buy frozen.  On my shopping day (usually Sunday) I get all of my ingredients out, chop, measure, and throw them into freezer zips.  I leave out the dry ingredients, liquids, and yogurt.  Instead I write the name of the smoothie on the outside of the freezer bag, and other ingredients to add when I make it.  This has saved me TONS of time in the morning!

Also...if you freeze the fruit...you don't need to add ice cubes.  The ice cubes are just to thicken up the smoothie, which frozen fruit does quite nicely.  I've also found that I need to take the bags out when I wake up so that by the time I make the smoothie it's just a bit defrosted.  The first day I took a bag out to whip up a smoothie I had to add water.  It was so thick I couldn't suck it through a straw!  Leaving it for an hour or so while I workout and get ready for walk is helpful while still making it thick. 


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