MY Infamous Evernote Story

When I first began using Evernote in the classroom I was lugging around my laptop from kiddo to kiddo and group to group.  Tap-tap-tapping away, I recorded my conferring notes in Evernote.  This quickly became a HUGE pain!  (Literally lugging that thing to and from school as well as around the classroom.)

I quickly ditched the laptop for much lighter cell phone.  It wasn't long before my fingers tired out from all of that thumb typing.  Luckily, as I was learning more and more Evernote, I realized I could record my conferences.  What a relief!

One day, while conferring with one of my kiddos during Writers' Workshop I recorded it on Evernote as had become part of my routine.  I left him and walked to another kiddo to confer with.  As I left that group to grab a sip of water (Doesn't conferring make you thirsty with all that chatting and moving!?!) and that first kiddo I stopped me.  "Mrs. Mercier, can you tell me again what you were teaching me during our conference.  I'm having a hard time remembering it and I want to try it out." 

Of course I was thrilled!  While originally I had begun recording conferences to make my life easier, this was a hidden reason why it was so fabuloso!  I told him sure thing and to give me a moment.  I walked over and grabbed a set of headphones and my iPad (had it for just one day and hadn't had a chance to download Evernote on it yet).  As I walked back to him I plugged in the earbuds and opened up the note that had his conference in it.  I told him, "Here you go.  Put the earbuds in and press play to hear it.  You can play it as many times as you need to help you try it out."

A bit later, after I conferred with all the kiddos on my schedule for that day, I went back to check in on him (and retrieve my cellie).  I asked, "How's it going?"  To which he replied, "Great!  I listened to our conference a few times, and I've got it. Look what I tried!"  That was when I truly fell in love with Evernote!


  1. Thanks for sharing this story. Great to hear how use of the tech inspired both you and the student, and moved you both to a new plane of understanding the power of tech--even if it all happened serendipitously.


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