Frame Magic

A friend and colleague of mine was showing me pix of her daughter and I absolutely fell in love with this app!  If you are a fan of Smilebox or graphica, then you will most likely enjoy the app Frame Magic.  In a nutshell you can create different frames with your pictures.  You can choose the number of pictures to include in your frame, 1-42.  You can choose a background for your frame in solids or patterns.  You can choose what type of frame border you'd like.  And you can also choose if you'd like to include text.  You can rotate the pictures, and all kinds of other FUN stuff! (Like re-sizing the frames.)

Here are a few that I've created so you can see some possibilities for playing with using the app. 

There are some great possibilities for this app in the classroom.  You can choose whether or not include the numbers.  With the numbers the kiddos could create process oriented products.  For example, they could create a visual of how to conduct an experiment, solve a mathematical problem, etc.  They could also use this as a visual graphic organizer.  What a fun way for kiddos to organize their thoughts before writing!  They could add text to jot sentence starters, or the main idea for the paragraph.  Even the big idea of the entire piece!  How about as an assessment for reading?  Determining the main idea and supporting details?  Story elements with the theme splashed across the page?

Without the numbers, there are a number of things they could also do!  Again, they could use these as visuals for reading or writing.  They could also use them as visual representations of a historic moment, person's life, or scientific concepts.  I could so see my kiddos using this as a way to demonstrate what they've learned about light, sound, the moon, etc.  I could also see them using this as a note-taking tool.  Yes!!!  Grab some pix (quickly) from Safari and then jot a quick note about the concept.  I could even see them using it as a way to study their spelling words; find a visual representation of the word and spell the word that goes with it. 

Those are just a few options, but this app is making me re-think Instagram.  Me thinks I shall re-install it now!  So much for getting work done today!   And did you notice that adorable piggy!?!  How could I NOT love this app when they have a piggy included as one of the stickers!?! 


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