I don't know about you, but my friends and I have been briefly talking about Facebook here and there.  And maybe it's not quite fair to say that Facebook has changed.  It would probably be more fair and accurate to say that how it's being used has changed.  Have you noticed?  

Facebook used to be a place where people would connect with long-lost friends and relatives.  Share mundane bits and pieces of their lives.  Remember the days when people would post pictures of the food they ate?  

Not lately.  Lately, it seems to be more of a place for you to see what people pinned.  Wouldn't you just follow them on Pinterest?  Or a place where people post inspirational posters/pictures.  Again, couldn't you just do that on Pinterest?   

Or it's where you get to see all of their photos that have been sepia-ed.  Can't you follow them on Instagram?  Or Pinterest?

How about how whenever you check your time line it seems like there are more advertisements in your feed than actual Status Updates?  Instead of seeing what your friends are actually up to.  You see whatever brand they recently liked.  Or whatever brands you've liked in the past are up to.

I know that people are doubting Facebook's longevity because of their recent struggles to go public.  But shouldn't they be doubting Facebook's status based upon how people are currently using it?  I know of more and more folks who are using Facebook less and less because of all of these things.  

What do you think?  How are you still using Facebook?  As I was writing this, I traipsed over to Facebook and found another friend to follow on Pinterest!  Is that what Facebook really wants to be known for?  For being the social network that leads folks to engage more on other social networks? 


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