Traveling Teacher 'Poynt'ers

As difficult as it can be to be away from your friends and family when on the road, there are some advantages.  One being that when you have some 'down time' you can explore the local area you happen to be in.  Whenever I happen to have the opportunity to venture out there is an app that has been incredibly helpful. 

When I first got here and got turned on to the traveling smoothie maker, I needed to immediately get to a Walmart.  And then once that same traveling companion turned me on to Bikram Yoga, I needed to get my butt to a sporting goods store to scope out some attire that wicks away the sweat (double duty for those days I run)!  And then, of course, yesterday I had a serious craving for ice cream...

Although the staff at this hotel are incredibly helpful and generous with their time (I have never had such great service!), I just felt guilty constantly bugging them about all kinds of things.  Instead, in times like these I relied on my handy-dandy app Poynt.  I adore this app for a few reasons.  I can:
  • ...find people, businesses, restaurants, & movie theaters.  There are more options like gas & coupons, but I use it more for the other options.
  • in a particular location of my choosing, or leave it on my current GPS location.
  • ...get turn-by-turn directions with just one click.  It goes right to my navigation app that is provided by Verizon.
  • ...see how close the nearest store is and whether I want to take that amount of time to travel there.
  • by a store name, or by what my needs are.  For example: when I wanted needed ice cream I just typed in ice cream & when I was searching for some new workout tops I searched sporting goods.  
  • ...access it from any of my mobile devices, making it easy to plan my travels or travel on the fly.
I'm sure that this app does a lot more, but this is what I primarily use it for.  I find it quite handy & hope that you do, too!


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