Get Your Sparkle On

This pin caught my eye some time ago.
Tonight I just got around to doing it. A few things.

  •  The nail art dots I got said they wouldn't stick to wet nail polish, but that's the only way I was able to get them on my nails. The next time I use these little guys I'll be doing them on a wet nail instead of putting a top coat on first.
  • These little gems are tricky to grasp. The directions say to use tweezers, but I found it easier to press them on to the pad of my finger and then placing them on my nail.  The tweezers were handy to move them into place.
  • I didn't have colored gems or larger gems or pink & yellow polish so I improvised with grey & brown.  Overall, I still like the way they look! 
  • I bought 3 packs, & each pack had 20 gems.  This worked out well because a few got lost in the carpet as they flew off of the tweezers.  I ended up having no left over gems.
I'm headed to Gloucester for a couple of days and was glad to have an excuse to try out this sparkly design while working on the seaside! 


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