Window Seat Score

My window seat is finally finished! I shouldn't really say finally because it only took me a couple of days. After my book nook fail I decided to work on my window seat. mind you the Bly one who sits in there is our precious kitty, but I need to spruce up the room so it fees being our dumping ground(one of many). These two pins inspired me to create my window seat:
I celebrated our national day of independence by liberating my spare room of a lot of junk and re-organizing our books. We have so many! After I got a good chunk of them on the shelves I went hunting for a cushion. Walmart was the only local store open so I headed there. I saw a print that I loves, but came home empty-handed because the length was waaaay too short. I went back To the apartment therapy pin and discovered how she created her cushion. Where my Staples Easy Button when I need it? Cuz it definitely needs a slap! Truly, the hardest part was choosing a fabric (canvas), but with my smartphone to the rescue @innerww was able to help me! And I soooo lucked out on going to JoAnn's (urged by @innerww) because the foam and canvas was 50% off! Score!!! After a quick trip to Home Depot for some mdf & a staple gun I was on my way home. Let me say, between gift cards, sales, & coupons this little project cost me around $70. And I just ♡ the way it looks! I think that even my father, the upholstery master, would be impressed with my mad skills ☺. Here are a few pics below of what it looks like. Sorry about the lighting, it's really not that great in that room.
Next up: book nook & daybed (for this room anyways)!


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