Uhhh Ombré

I did my nails four times tonight, twice attempting ombré nails. Today was my second attempt at the ombré nail. And I have to say...I'm still not thrilled.
I first tried to do a sunset ombré with yellow and orange (I love my Essie orange polish!) but it just didn't look great. So...I took it off and decided to do yellow and grey. Yeah...I hate it. This is what I've decided ... it's the sponge that I use. I swirl the 2 polishes together so that it will get a gradient look. And then I dab the sponge into the polish and then sponge it on my nails. Uhhhh!!! I use make-up sponges and I think it just not porous enough. So it doesn't get that faded / shaded look when I dab. But, like I said to my husband. I'm not removing it. Again. At least not tonight. Next time I'm going to try something more like a kitchen sponge. I am bound and determined to do it. Don't be surprised if you see it up here this week!


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