Traveling Teacher, Part 4

When my hubby and I are not enjoying a breakfast out at one of our favorite local haunts, I am sipping on a smoothie.  I recently became turned on to green smoothies, and I was frantic about losing this very important part of my routine and healthy eating.  (My sister can attest to my relentless whining before I left.) 

Wouldn't you know it!?!  It just so happens that one of my colleagues who is traveling with me this week happens to be a green smoothie fanatic as well.  Our hotel happens to be right up the rood from a Whole Foods (the closest one to me at home is 40 minutes)  and we ventured on over there to get some green smoothie essentials (along with a few fabuloso vegan deserts).  

I would not have bothered to get those items if she hadn't told me about this gem of a smoothie maker she travels with.  She was kind enough to share hers with me during the week, but what about the other two weeks I'm here?  I decided to buy my own and headed to Walmart to get one (at 7 am this morning). Let me say a few things about this gem.
  • only cost $15
  • incredibly portable
  • whips up a smoothie in jiffy
  • makes as much of a smoothie as my blender at home
  • blends better than my blender at home
  • immediately drink the smoothie from the mixing container (lid included)
  • super easy to clean
All I can say is that this will be a travel staple from now on!


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