Traveling Teacher, Part 3

I arrived at my destination about an hour ago.  As I sit here waiting for a colleague not wanting to dragmy luggage to the bathroom with me I realize I could've packed even less.
See, I'm an inexperienced traveler, and had no idea what to expect on the flights. I packed one carry one thinking  that it'd be by my side the entire way down here.  I am so inexperienced that I didn't realize I'd be flying on the express flights.  Which means, your typical rolling carry on will jot fit in the overhead compartment and it will have to be valeted. 
Thinking back ok it, I probably could've packed 1/2 the dresses I did pack. Sounds ridiculous for 3 weeks, but I have to hit a laundromat anyways.  What would a few more items mean? 
This would've allowed me to put some of my consulting/presentation materials in my checked luggage.  And then thrown all of my electronics into my laptop bag.  Then it would've been able to be stowed in the overhead compartment / under the seat.  Staying with me at all times. 
Oh well.  Live and learn!


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