Traveling Teacher, Part 2

Beautiful packing, isn't it? Would you believe that there are 21 days worth of clothes in there!?! In my lasts post, I mentioned that I'll be on the road for 3 weeks. I was unsure of how much I'd be able to pack because when my hubby & I travel for just 3 days we overfill this very same bag. Amazingly, I was able to pack 5 pairs of shoes, 16 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 4 cardigans, about a dozen tops, 5 workout outfits (I'll be in the laundry room for these, for sure!), and a bunch of necessities for this trip.

You can't see it in these pix, but after I jammed my clothes in there, I was also able to pack in some of my materials. I had really hoped to get all of my charts (I only packed the essential ones) into the ice tube, but some of them are on oak tag and when rolled they were just too big. And I am hoping that these babies don't send the weight of my bag over the 50lb limit!

What was the trick? How in the world was I able to pack 3 weeks of clothes in what normally can't hold 3 days? Well, would you believe I found a handy dandy tip on Pinterest? All I can say is that rolling the clothes was key, and one that I'll be doing when I swap out my closets come fall!


  1. You packed cardigans?? I am proud of you! (your sister)


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