Store it Everywhere

I may have mentioned that I've been cleaning up my digital storage.  This goes for my iPad as well.  I have files in all sorts of places. Consulting notes, board meeting documents, student reports, teaching notes.  The list could very well go on, but I don't want to bore you.  

Truly, I use my iPad for just about everything and so I have all of these items stored in PDF Notes, iBooks, Pages, Numbers.  AHHHHH!!! When I'm in the middle of a meeting it can be pretty darn tricky to figure out exactly where I stored the necessary document without it looking like I'm just playing with my iPad.  

So I had to turn to my friendly elephant ~ Evernote.  I already have notebooks for Responsive Classroom and Connecticut ASCD in my Evernote, so why not just have everything in one place?  That's what I did for my Responsive Classroom consulting notes.  I spent a great deal of time making fairly visual notes (in Publisher) and turned them into PDFs.  They've been stored in PDF Notes because it allows me to annotate the PDF.  Well...I could jot little notes right in Evernote, too!  

I just finished moving those files from PDF Notes to Evernote.  I double checked and I can still access it the same way on my iPad!  Now all of my Responsive Classroom notes are in one place!  One of the things that I included in these notes is a list of items that I need.  Well...with Evernote's To-Do option I don't need those anymore.  I can just include them in a list and check them off as I pack and/or set up!  

Not to mention that I can still access my notes off-line.  This is ideal because when I work in schools Wi-Fi is not immediately available.  This is perfect for working with my notes without an internet connection.  I can read them, annotate them, and when there's a connection they'll sync for future yes.  I could probably do the same thing with DropBox, but honestly, I find Evernote easier and quicker to use. 


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