NOT a Sporty Girl, 2

Not being a sporty girl I clearly have no clue about running attire.  Don't get me wrong, having worked out in the past I know that I need good sneaks, a decent sport bra, and comfy clothes.  However, I'm not up on other things.  

I've been running now for about four weeks and I look forward to it.  (Who would've ever thought I say that!?!)  And sometime last week my knees began to kill me.  They hurt when I walked, sat, laid down, slept & I had to even take some Advil PM one night just to sleep.  At 1st I thought it was the fact that I am pretty overweight; my joints not being able to support my weight with the impact running creates.  Then I realized what it most likely was.  

One: I wasn't stretching before or after running.  I have a bad back & should be stretching anyways, but what can I say...I didn't want to waste the time (impatient).  But this incredible pain made me realize how important stretching is.  So now I stretch before I leave the house or right after my warm-up & then again when I return.  My husband recommends stretching warm muscles and to do it after I've moved a little bit.  I have to say that stretching after my warm-up helps a bunch.  

Two: I have 2 pairs of sneaks.  I have a white/blue pair that are incredibly comfy & a grey/purple pair that I completely forgot about in my closet.  As a walker I purchased running shoes, but one time I must've bought cross-trainers.  (Why?  I have no clue!)  I know that my white/blue pair are kinda old and need to be replaced and thought that it would not be good to run in worn out sneaks, so I decided to switch to the grey/purple cross-trainers.  Well, it wasn't until after the knee pain that I remembered these were indeed cross-trainers.  I switched back to the white/blue pair and already am experiencing less pain. 

All I can say is that between these two things, I am already feeling better.  It doesn't hurt as much when I walk up/down my stairs.  Nor are me knees going snap, crackle, pop anymore when I move.  I know that I need new sneakers and will be getting some the next time my hubby & I head to the outlets in Kittery or Freeport. I can't wait!!!


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