Nail Crisis

I must have too much time on my hands this summer because I have done my nails more on the last five days then I normally do in a month. Part of it is that I just haven't mastered the ombré look and it frustrates me to no end. So last night I take my polish off again and decide to attempt this style:

For whatever reason I didn't consider this an ombré nail, just a beach scene. So I decided to do it. I just finished it. I'm feeling kinda meh about it, but I think ive found the answer to my ombré problems.
. I finally broke down and bought some kitchen sponges the last time I attempted ombré and used them again for this design. Truly, I've tried all of the tutorials that I've found online and on Pinterest. and I think, for me, is that I just need to dip the sponge in the color and sponge it on. It creates a great look and naturally blends in. So...when I attempt those sunset nails (again) I will try it that way. Because I'm thinking that these beach nails won't last that long.


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