Ever Organized

Now that I have some time I've been playing around with getting more organized.  Honestly, I have 'stuff' in fifty gazillion places.  I've worked a lot on moving most of my files to Dropbox; eliminating a lot of back-up worry on my PC as well as eliminating my LiveBinders (a great tool!).  It is truly easier to have things in less places.   I've also moved a lot of sites I had saved in LiveBinders, Posterous, and Weebly to Pinterest.  I love the visual of Pinterest and it makes it a lot easier for me to organize in one shot.  What was happening, was that everytime I found an interesting article I would post it on my site, and Posterous; sometimes even to LiveBinders.  Can you say time wasted?

Anywho... I know that I've given a lot of love to Evernote in the past and it has so much to offer that I truly have not had the opportunity to explore its potential until now.  I've been expanding my use of Evernote to include my home make-over ideas as well as get my thoughts down for writing.  I've also started to use it to keep track of any consulting details instead of storing everything in my GMail; truly easier to search because of the tags!!!  

So...getting more organized...

I have this app, Wunderlist, that I truly have loved!  I can create multiple lists, assign dates, share, and notate lists and list items.  It's a great multi-platform app that I have recommended to my friends.  But...I want to be organized and have my 'stuff' in less places.  I don't quite remember how I found it, maybe from a friend or a Google search, but I discovered that there's an Evernote extension called Tusk Tools Calendar.  What this beauty does is allow you to create dates and reminders in your notes that will then sync with your Google calendar!  What I like about this is that I can combine it with Evernote's To-Do feature that allows me to create checklists so that I can use it just like I would Wunderlist!

I haven't gone too nutty yet and completely deleted my Wunderlist apps on all of my devices, but I have transferred all of my lists to Evernote.  I am hoping that this works out really well (less is more)!  This is just one way that I'm using Evernote to de-clutter.  I am planning to take advantage of Evernote's offline notes so that I can access and edit my presentation notes.  Right now I have the in iBooks and PDF Notes, but...again I want to decrease all of those spaces I have things stored!  We'll see how that goes, but I think it'll work out a lot better than what I've got going on now.


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