Book Nook Fail

Yesterday, I was going on and on about how I was using Evernote to keep track of all my DIY measurements. I have to say, it really is helpful! But it would be even more helpful if I actually measured correctly! Case in point below.
I went to IKEA (for the first time ever) with innerww this past weekend and bought 2 Expedit shelving units for the same room (I had a gift card to help keep me in budget). I bought one for this really fabuloso book nook I was going to create in this awkwardly useless closet in our spare room. The other one I bought to create a window seat in the same room. It took no time at all to assemble, and was so excited to create my book nook tonight! As you can see, it clearly did not fit in that space! I checked my Evernote while at IKEA and knew the measurements on the shelf would be perfect. I was ecstatic! But then as I'm pushing and twisting, and contorting this shelving unit into my useless closet I decide to measure again. Sure enough, the shelf measured exactly what it said in the store: 73". But my closet? I had in my Evernote note that it was 78" long. Do you know what I got when I re-measured tonight? Five feet, eleven inches-71". So, instead of pouting I decided to just work on my window seat instead. This means really disrupting our aging cat's routines and habits. But in the end once I have it all put together I think she'll like the room even better. Oh...did I mention that our spare room is really our cat's room that I'm hoping she'll share with my as my office? And you know what! As soon as I placed that shelf in front of the windows (our windows are perfect for window seats!). I loved it!! He's a beginning peek below, and I can not wait to finish it. As for that book nook, I suppose I'll just have to make another trip to IKEA.


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