Who Knew?

I am on a mini home makeover kick. I'm trying to spruce up our home with some fresh paint and a few minor design changes. After turning my closet into a not really mud room, I had some paint left over. This was deliberate on my part (and my co-blogger's) because I wanted to reuse the color somewhere else in my home. I decided to repaint my half bath with that left over paint. Which if you knew my half bath ... it is a major PITA. First off, it's a pretty small space and as soon as you get near the toilet and sink it is incredibly difficult to get into those tiny crevices. And, I have to repaint (again) the heater cover in there (I'll blog about that later).So...when we first moved in there was this hideous wall paper in the bathroom that had been up since it was built (80's). It took both my mother and I to tear it down, and that was using my step-mom's super duper wallpaper remover. After painting it, my mom helped me put up a border on the top (sunflowers ♡). Obviously tonight I'm tearing down wall paper (again). Well...I didnt feel like going to the store, but I found this helpful hint online.
If I still had my Staples easy button, I'd be slapping it RIGHT now! It took me less than a half hour!! Rock on fabric softener! Here's an after pic; it actually did a better job than the professional stuff ten years ago!


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