Up In the Sky

So, the clown nails didn't even make it a full week.  (Did I mention how they creeped me out?)  But I happened to find these lovelies (right after painting the clown design) on where else but Pinterest!  Of course I was dying to try them out.  The pin &/ post don't provide any directions, so I used some tips from other post to create this design.

I began started with the balloon color; the darker of the color on the nail.  I happen to be impatient and use Sally Hansen's Insta - Dry (found at Walmart or Walgreens).  Once dry, I positioned some reinforcement stickers onto the bottom part of my nail and then painted the sky color on top; the lighter of the two.  Now, I know that the pin has white as the color, but I really wanted the perception of balloons in the sky so I used the light blue (an Avon color my fantabulous mother-in-law gave me).  Once that was pretty close to dry I peeled of the stickers.  

Here's the part that I found to be tricky & ended up cursing sighing quite a bit while doing: the balloon tie off.  I did my balloon tie off a bit differently, but wish I had referred back to this pin before doing so, but I still like the overall look.  Once that was dry I was able to finally use one of my new Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens; the black one!  It was a breeze to use & not all that difficult to do with my non-dominant hand. (Excuse this pic, I took it before I cleaned up my nails around the edges.)

Live & learn:  don't paint a yellow balloon.  Maybe it's just me, but I truly hate the way my yellow balloon looks on all of the nails that have one.  It's just too light and looks like a big ol' glob of paint; like I have no clue what I'm doing.  Which I don't, but I surely have fun trying playing!  I also used green, & really like the way that color looks!  And I can never neglect my piggies!  But I did them slightly differently just because of the nature of the toenail.  I really like the effect & would even consider doing something like this with my fingers.  I love how the string just continues onto the other toes creating this illusion of the balloon disappearing into the sky!


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