Splendidly Dirty Hair

My Pinterest addiction knows no bounds. Innerww & I store as many ideas as possible on some of the boards we share. One of my most favorite boards is our Do It Up board. That is where we keep all of our hair and nails ideas. It's quite possible I saw this on Pinterest, or saw something on Pinterest that then led me to this: the dirty hair challenge. Quite simply, it's to go five days without washing your hair, but still styling it prettily. When I first saw this I thought, "Ewww! How gross!" but have since been changing my mind. The longest I can seem to go is three days. On the fourth I have to wash it, and that's because of the heat & humidity, & the effect it has when I workout. Honestly, I probably could go longer, but i just feel icky on the 4th day. A few tips: Dirty hair can quickly become greasy hair, but investing in a dry shampoo, helps soak up those oils. I then do a quick blow dry and voila it is like I just washed it! Get good at a few styles. I first mastered the dressed up pony. I've worn it high and low. Another one Ive gotten pretty good at is the sock bun. Both are fairly quick (under 5 minutes) and easy once you've got the hang of it. For the dressed up bony I like Goody's Snap clips. both of these styles can also be as elegant or professional as you want. And, I've just recently begun twisting and side braiding my hair. Other fairly quick styles. Buy yourself clips and what not. Personally, I really like Goody's hair supplies. They have these no slip pony tail holders that work really well with my thick hair; they stay put & are tangle free when I take them out. I am fan of snap clips. I've tried the no slip snap clips, but pref the plain old ones. Bobby pins are essential, especially for buns. And I really am a fan of claw clips, of all sizes, for blow drying and a large no-slip clip that works well with dirty hair to just throw up. I just bought this comb today & can't wait to try it out, but I also have a similar one that creates a really cute and fun updo. And sock buns really only work with a sock, but I did see some donuts at Claire's todaY! I plan to purchase some wraps because I've found some really cute & easy styles to do with them as well. One thing I've found works well is to do a sock bun on day 1 of fresly washed hair. This not only creates a great curl for a night out, but keeps your hair really fresh for the next day. After that, it's all fair game! Be adventurous. As you can see from our board, there are a lot of styles that I haven't mentioned, but I definitely want to try. First, I need to get better at braiding in general and learn how to French braid my own hair. But other than that, most of them look like I can do on my own once I figure them out.


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