Painter's Hell

Two three coats of paint and 2 sore legs 1/2 bath is repainted.  After I painted and complained about it to my friendly life-saving co-blogger, she gave me some helpful tips that I'll remember when I go to paint the kitchen next month:
  • edge 1st ~ Yup, I was whining about the edging standing out.  I can see how this would definitely help!!!
  • use a paint with primer ~ Yes,  I was complaining about having to do two coats because it was splotchy.  This will be HELPFUL come August when I paint my red red wine kitchen (Yes, that's the actual name of the color!) to a more cheery yellow.
As I was throwing on the 3rd coat (my hubby reminded me I should've waited for the 1st coat to dry before painting the 2nd) I was making big goofs and the corners were just gooping up.  They seriously needed to be touched up, but I am plum out of touch-up brushes and was not about to run to the hardware store (again) to get some.  Instead, I grabbed my make-up sponges (why I have those, I don't know...I don't even wear make-up), dipped them in the paint, & voila instant touch up.  Who knew?

I'm not quite done in there...I still need to pep up the baseboard heater, throw some artwork on the walls, and replace the outlet covers and sink.   But once, it is complete...I will post a pic☺.


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