Paint Nails I've already done my nails 3 times tonight. And as much as I'm not thrilled about this latest outcome, I'm done for the evening. I'm sucking it up & will probably re-do them over the weekend.

 Originally I was trying to do a color mani: lighter purple as base color & darker purple as tips. But it just didn't look right on my toes. Maybe its the colors I chose? Anyways, I found these (where else) on Pinterest and tried it with my 2 purples. 

I'm not exactly thrilled with it up live and personal. But the picture looks a lot better.  One of the problems may have been that the darker purple I have is 1) almost gone and 2) Insta-Dry (it was drying up on my as I was applying it).  But I didn't use any tape or mani guides for this look; I just painted across the nail. 

I was just thinking that these would look great with red polish for a bit of a vampire look.  Anyhow...I'm thinking I'll be doing watermelons next.  Can you guess where I got that idea from?


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