Not Even Fruit is Free

I have been a Weight Watchers member for well over ten years. If you are a current Weight Watchers member then you are familiar with their new Points Plus program. The new program has calculated most fruits and vegetables at 0 Points Plus.

I was chatting with my mom the other day about the new program when she mentioned how some people are upset because they are gaining weight. In our conversation she mentioned how some members are eating more fruit because they are considered "free". Now here's the tricky part: they are eating what they've always eaten and more fruit.

Weight Watchers made fruits zero points plus because they wanted people to eat more of the stuff that is healthy and natural. People were eating things that were low in points, regardless of sugar, fat, carb content and ignoring fruits and vegetables.

Even though fruit is thought of as free, if you add it into your diet you will gain weight. Why? Because you're still eating all of the other crap you used to eat! Because fruit has (natural) sugar, fructose, which makes it a (healthy) carb. Because even though fruit is 0 points plus, it still has calories. So if you are still doing the same old and adding more food in (even if it is fruit) you are going to gain weight.

If you would like to lose weight on Weight Watchers, or any other diet, then you have to listen to what the leaders are saying.
1) eat balanced
2) track what you eat
3) slowly change habits by replacing some unhealthy foods with more healthy ones (like fruit)
4) exercise

Folks, fruit is not the enemy. Our (bad) habits are. Until we stop eating that processed crap and start replacing it with more natural options we are going to continue to be an obese nation.

After I wrote this, I received the Nutrition Diva's newsletter and it happened to be chatting about fruit sugar. Thought you'd like some more info! Click here for the post.


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