Melon Nails

As you know I am using my creative juices on my nails (and home).  Seeing as how it is summer and I am about to attend a carnival themes wedding I decided to paint watermelons on them.  Overall, I love the look!

As I venture more into nail design I'm noticing a few things. I have nail art pens and make-up applicators that I use for the designs.  Now it very well could be the way I am so impatient that I use the pen before the base coat is completely dry, but when I use it to draw lines it isn't as thick or paint like.   When I use the paint applicators the lines are more polish-looking, but they're not very thin.  So I need to do something: become more patient and wait for the polish to be completely dry, put two coats of the pen on for the lines, or invest in a nail brush.


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