Let the Cleaning Begin!

These past few months I've been Packing up my classroom, bringing it home, & dumping it in my basement or spare room and on my kitchen table. To say that these places look like a bomb went off is an understatement. I knew that it wouldn't last that way though because I added those places to my to do list. My intent was to begin with the basement and work my way upwards, allowing me to clear out space as I go. I fully intended to begin cleaning that very first day after I finished the school year, but as life goes...I couldn't. As life would happen I woke up the first day with burning throat and fever that lasted four days. So, I threw stuff out on the occasion that my fever was absent. (I know that if I hadn't done this, I'd probably feel a dock of a lot better right now, but it's just to in my nature to do nothing.)Anywho, I finally finished it this morning. Seeing as how my classroom stuff was packed up in bins already made it pretty easy. It's nothing fancy, and my hubby doesn't understand why I felt compelled to clean up the basement when we are the only ones to go down there, but I feel much better now that I have! And I LOVED throwing things out (always have). In the end it's nice and tidy and neither one of us feels claustrophobic any longer when we walk down there!


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