Pocket Pond

I think it was when I popped into Nicole Feeney's educational technology class when I heard about the app Pocket Pond. I downloaded it onto my iPad and have since played with it a few times. Pocket Pond is just that. A pond for your pocket. It is so life like with real fish, lilies, and water. Not to mention the sounds! You can touch the water and It will ripple. If there are fish in the water when you do this they will swim away.

As I just finished playing around with this app I realized what a gem it would be for kiddos! Maybe you have a space in your room where students can go to calm down or collect themselves. This would be a perfect addition to that area; allowing them to calm from watching the fish and/or listening to the water. Another option would be using it for just a few students as a de-escalation strategy. They grab the iPod and access the app to help themselves calm down.


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