On a Diagonal

As you know, my latest obsession is my nails.  This past week I tried something slightly different that was kind of inspired by something I saw on Pinterest or the The Nail Side.  When I first chose the colors, I thought that they looked great together; quite summery.  I first painted my nails with the white polish.  Once dried, I used painters' tape (I didn't trust scotch tape to not peel of the polish) to section my nail in 1/2 on the diagonal.  Then I painted the tips to the tape orange.  Once that was dry I applied a topcoat. 

I have mixed feelings about the final result.  Overall, I like the look.  What I'm not too pleased with is how the colors look together.  Looking at this picture I think it looks quite lovely.  However each time I look at my nails I am reminded of a circus clown with the stark white and bright orange.  I have a distaste for circus clowns so I'm not too sure how long my nails will stay like this.  But I would certainly do this type of a design again; just with different colors. 


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