Ombre Nails

I'm really not into the Ombre know where your hair is a completely different color at the roots than the ends; looking like you haven't dyed your hair in weeks.  Naturally, I was horrified when my hairdresser asked me if I was going with the ombre look because my highlights are growing out.  But, ombre nails...well that's a different story.  I saw them on, you guessed it...Pinterest.  To me they're not really ombre, but more of a gradient paint effect.  Which I really like.
Let me share with you my story of attempting this look. As long as I look at my nails from afar I admire them. If I look at them up close I notice every little imperfection.  I'm not sure if it's because of the type of sponge I used or because it was my first time doing this, but I'm thinking that a cosmetics sponge did not give it the effect I really wanted.  I think a more porous sponge would make the look more gradient.  I discovered that two dabs will do ya.  I waited for my 1st coat of sponging to dry & then applied another.  And you definitely need to have a couple of top coats!  It smooths out the manicure quite a bit.  Overall, I would try it again. 


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