Newsprint Nails

One of my favorite things to do is my nails.  I love shaping them, choosing a color, and sliding paint on.  It's almost like an opportunity to re-invent yourself in a short while.  As I often cruise Pinterest I see many ways to do just that.  I love the creative ways that people are doing their nails, or getting them done.  While perusing I've seen this one a few times & finally decided to take the dive and try it.

If you know me, I get excited about the simplest things & this was one of them.  While trying my hand at it, I have a few tips. 
  • It's helpful to have the newspaper cut into pieces before painting your nails or once they are completely dry.  
  • Yes, all of the pieces have to be large because you need to be able to maneuver the clipping.
  • Now, I also did my toenails, so just remember to cut two larger pieces for your big toes.  
  • I'm sure most people won't be interested in printing their toenails as well, but I'm a fan of symmetry so I did.  Upon doing so I had to figure out how I was going to dip my toenails into the vodka.  I used a cotton ball; doused it in the vodka & then swabbed the nail.  It worked really well.  
  • It matters how long the newspaper stays on the nail.  The longer it's on, the darker the print looks.  (This was tricky on some of the smaller toenails.)
  • It's a bit trickier when you go to print your dominant hand; mine came out lighter, but now I know that next time I need to press it on longer.
  • Wait a bit before slicking on the top coat.  I made that mistake on two nails & it smeared the print a bit.
I know that this pin shows a nude color being used and it looks great!  However, I just don't have that color in my cabinet.  It was a toss up between white & a few spring pastels I have.  I even contemplated gray as well.  I ended up choosing blue and really like the effect.


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