In the Clouds

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed doing my nails.  Since my addiction use of Pinterest I have found a number of creative ways to make my nails more of an accessory while at the same time highlighting my creative side.  Although I'm hijacking someone's creative ideas it still makes me feel creative.

I really liked this pin & decided to try it.  I was a happy woman when I realized I didn't have to cut tape to get it done!  I also love how the colors that I chose look like a beautiful spring sky; to match the beautiful spring day (sunny & 80)! 

I included a picture of my toes because Pinterest or blogs never show what these designs look like on feet.  Being spring time, creeping into summer, I am all about decorating my feet to flash them in sandals.

I was also thinking how cool it would look if I were to use my black, gray, and white polish.  I also have some great midnight blue and eggplant polish that this design would rock in!


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