Post - It Story

So Pinterest has definitely strayed me from my usual tech talk, but I'm having so much fun watching my kiddos enjoy the learning experiences that have inspired me that I just can't help but share.

This particular pin has nothing at all to do with education, but I modified it so that it would.  
I really liked the idea of using post - its to create something, as well as having a limited space to do so. 
The point of this activity is for the kiddos to use their word study words in a story.  Here are the steps we took today when using this organizer and publishing format.
  1. use a 3x3 post - it to write the phonetic focus & place next to words "word focus"
  2. place nine 1 1/2 x 2 post-its on the blank spaces
  3. write one word on each post - it that fits into the phonetic focus
  4. re-arrange the post-its so that they make some kind of story, use other words to bridge them
  5. write your story under the post-its, making sure to include the post-it words

The kiddos really enjoyed this activity.  They thought that it was a lot of fun to do something new during Word Study.  Also, they loved sharing their story with others at the end.  Not to mention that I modeled for them how to do a really silly (and possibly gross) story so they went wild with it, having tons of fun!  You can download the organizer here from my Word Study Live Binder.


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