Pin It, Live It!

Okay, so I accepted the Pinspiration challenge. I guess I'm on the hook, right? After all, I was the one who threw it down. :) I feel like I'm too busy (insert excuse here), yet my boards have become a compilation of things I want to do, sayings I love, and improvements I'd like to make. Many people think Pinterest is just about being crafty and an overall way of improving your D.I.Y. capabilities. I'm taking a different twist. Some of my favorite pins have been sayings I've come across. They've helped me reflect and change my own mentality. Today, I'm focusing on this saying (see image) and I'm going to try and apply it going forward as a way of improving my own mental energy.

People pin things for a reason; these images speak to them. Why pin these things if you're not going to try them and carry them through to your daily life? Time pin it, and live it!


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