On Closets

I have this thing about closets.  They seem to be this place where you shove things and never think about them again.  Until you open the closet door and everything falls on top of you.  Which must explain my preference for open spaces; no place to hide.  So between my Pinterest passion and my drive to re-decorate I've decided to take on my closets (and other spaces).  I found these two pictures on Pinterest and decided to merge the two.

I took my living room closet (sorry, I didn't take a before picture) and ripped it apart.  I tore the sliding door off and brought the white wire-ish shelf down.  After throwing on a coat of paint and assembling a couple of Martha Stewart Living storage items I found at Home Depot it has become a new space that I love!!!

I always found that I was dumping my laptop bag either in front of the closet or couch, and that whenever I needed to charge the laptop I was by the closet yet again.  So this will serve as a great little laptop area.  Oh...and our kitchen table and baker's rack end up becoming the dumping grounds for our jackets and bags.  Needless to say we end up looking like slobs.  I'm hoping that this new space will help us be a bit more organized and tidy. 

I'm not quite done with the living room (or other areas of the house for that matter), so stay tuned to see what else I'm up to.  


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