Make the Switch?

Do you have this problem?  Six email accounts with each linked to specific digital content?  I have  a personal GMail account, plus two domain specific GMail accounts.  Not to mention that I also have two work emails and then my personal cable email.  Honestly, I'd like to migrate them all, but know that's probably not going to be happening any time soon.  So here is where my conundrum comes in...there are a few things I'm contemplating to change, but would love to know what successes or challenges others have had.

  1. I have a classroom website designed for my students, parents, and other teachers to access.  I have gone back and forth over the years whether to link some of my other things to that site, like this blog, my personal Twitter account, etc.  While I know that I have nothing to hide, sometimes I like to believe that I can be a bit more private without them linked (I know, naive).
  2. Making the switch to YouTube from SchoolTube.  Now that YouTube is unblocked at more schools I'd like to move my students' videos to a YouTube account.  Wouldn't it be easier to log in to YouTube with one of my GMail accounts then do a separate log - in with SchoolTube?
  3. I have too many emails!  Between work, and other side jobs I do, not to mention my own personal accounts...I'd like nothing more than to minimize in this area!  But this goes back to my hesitation of keeping personal and professional separate.  
Sounds simple, maybe even silly.  But I do try to be aware of how I present myself online.  I know that there are pros and cons, but I would like to hear your experiences!



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