Conference Pinspiration

Parent - Teacher Spring Conferences begin tomorrow. I found this gem on, where else...Pinterest!  There are a few things that I absolutely adore about this form.  I like that it implies it is as much a guide for me as it is informative for parents.  A lot of the data that is listed here I am unfamiliar with, but because I do share district data with parents.  I like how this form is ongoing; allowing old and new data to be on the form.  

Click here for the version that can be edited.
But as much as I liked this form, the data fields just didn't match my district's.  So I jumped on Publisher and created one of my own that is fairly similar.  I did not include the grades because I typically have the report card handy.  Also, I focus more on the students' strengths and areas of improvement.  

I saved this a few different ways: jpg, pdf, and pub.  My reasoning for doing so was so that before conferences I could edit the form for each child in Publisher.  To make this easier, I duplicated the page in Publisher so that I could have my entire class's info in one place.  I saved it as a jpg just in case I needed to access and/or edit the document on the go; making it able to do on the Doodle Buddy app for my iPad.  I also saved it as a pdf so that during conferences I can open it in the PDF Notes app and check off things as I discuss them with parents. 

As I am posting this I just realized how handy it would be to have a form like this when I meet with parents at the beginning of the school year.  This would be handy because then I would have a record of what I discussed with the parent(s) as well as providing them a copy of the classroom information.  I will let you know when I get that done & I'll link it for you on the blog!


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