Bookmark Pinspirations

Last month our grade level ventured into a new unit about life-lessons that revolved around Biographies. A colleague and I decided to team teach it, giving our kiddos the opportunity to work with new folks. At the end of the unit, we decided that it would be nice if the kiddos created something for their Reading Partners to show their appreciation. There were a few things we were looking at and decided on this:

One of the reasons why we chose this is because of the connection to what we had taught during the unit. We were heavily focused on character traits and how events and/or actions in a person's life can show us their character. The kiddos spent time carefully choosing traits to describe their partners and based them on actions exhibited during Readers' Workshop. They were also quite creative with them as well. They loved creating this gifts. There were two things they enjoyed the most about them: they said and did something nice for someone else, and they were able to hear kind things about themselves from someone else. A win all around! And they love using these bookmarks everyday!

My sample for kiddos.


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