We are at that point of the school year where the kiddos are growing more adept at exploring on their own and learning from trial and error.  This is an important life skill that I can reinforce when using new Web 2.0 tools and tablet applications.  Sometimes, when there is a great deal to explore, I still engage them in a guided discovery.  But other times, like today when some used Songify, they are able to learn while doing.

The gist of Songify is that it's pretty similar to the Voice Memo / Recorder app on the iPod / iPad:
  • click to record & stop recording
  • save
  • share via email
  • re-record
There are slight differences:
  • instead of a microphone, an image of a record / CD is present on the screen
  • your words are turned into music 
  • users can choose what type of music (3 options are free)
  • share via social networks
Here is what I really liked about it.  The kiddos who were using the app were recording over and again.  They were changing the pace of their speech as well as the type of music they had it set to.  My students have come pretty accustomed, fairly quickly, at sharing their work with others.  And so some posted their products to Twitter, all emailed them to me, and some emailed them to their parents.  I know the social media option can be frightening for some, but it does give the task authenticity and purpose.  Not to mention it drives kiddos to perfect what they're doing so that others can clearly understand their message.   

The one thing that I find troublesome is how loud the music is in the background and it can sometimes make it difficult to understand what is being said.  I found this to be true when I used it myself.  But here are a few examples of what they worked on today.  

More will be following throughout the week and be posted to Twitter as it does!


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