Please, Not Paper

As you may know, yesterday was Read Across America. I bought a new Dr. Seuss book in the late fall that I have been eager to read. Yesterday proved to be the perfect time to read The Butter Battle for an array of reasons.

It was my intent that after engaging in turn and talks and whole group discussions the children would continue their conversations online, in Goodreads.  We finished the book, the children engaged in spectacular conversations about the ludicrous behavior of the Zooks & Yooks. And then they had to go to their special.

We decided to continue when they returned, but as can happen with ed tech...the network went down and we were unable to get online.  Upon sharing the sad wireless news one if my kiddos said, "Please don't make us do it on paper.  Can we try again on Monday when the wireless will probably be working again?" Of course, there was a lot of head nods in agreement.

Interesting.  Anecdotally, I've noticed thus over the last two years. Children will do any task without complaint, regardless of difficulty, if they can use tech.  Even if they don't know how to completely utilize the tech they are happy to problem solve their way through it.  This is why schools need to embrace and purchase technology.  It is our kiddos' mode of communicating. They just want us to show them how to do it well.


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