On the Road Again (Literally)

So today was day 2 of me hittin' the streets ... walking.  And let me tell you that it took some convincing to get me out there.  First of all, I am overweight.  And second, I haven't been in an exercise routine for at least five months.  I am determined to get back out there and regain my happy self so I pushed myself out of the bed.  Was I tired?  Yes.  But I always am (that's a post for another time).  The funny part, and I was laughing at myself, is that I was sore.  This is what happens when you ignore your body for a length of time.  Even a quick 20 minute walk can make you feel your body again.  Yet, I know that if I continue with 20 minutes a day after a short while, the pain will be gone and my body will be thankful.


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