Kindness is Free

If you are in education, than you are familiar with funding issues; particularly if they are directly related to mandates (aka unfunded mandates). During the iCitizenship Town Hall Meeting a panel member mentioned the importance of funding to provide professional development for staff members in creating positive school climate to reduce bullying and cyberbullying.  The panel member stated how funding is important for teachers to be trained in philosophies such as Responsive Classroom, as well as how to integrate technology into the classroom.  All true, but...

Kindness is free.  It doesn't cost a thing to say a kind word to someone else.  To listen to their story of happiness or sadness.  To open a door for someone with full arms. To help someone clean a spill.  To post a positive comment on their wall or feed.  It's free to smile.  Free to give and free to receive.  And if we just do kind acts, it is free for children to learn positive habits.  The more we are kind, the more kindness children see, the more kind they become, and the more kind the world becomes.  And do you know what we have?  A happy global community.  All for free.


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