I Scream for SodaStream!

Part of my daily walk includes listening to The Nutrition Diva's podcast (you can also subscribe in iTunes).  Back two or three years ago she constantly raved about the Soda Club.  Everything she said about it sounded spectacular!  You could make your own seltzer water.  You could make it early in the day or the night before and enjoy it later.  Of course she mentioned the flavored soda as well, but I am really a seltzer girl & loved what she had to say just about that.

So my mother-in-law (who truly spoils me) searched high & low for this thing.  I had a feeling it would be tricky for her since at the time you could only get it online.  She did find a seltzer maker, but it was a pain in the tush & it was nowhere near as spectacular as the one I had heard Nutrition Diva speak about.  I quickly stopped using the thing & went back to buying bottled seltzer.  Fast forward to 2011.  I am in Best Buy wandering around aimlessly when I stumbled upon the SodaStream.  And wouldn't you know it...it's the same thing that Nutrition Diva chatted up!  I received it as a Christmas gift & have not bought another bottle of seltzer or soda since.

When I prepare my food for the day, I make a bottle of seltzer.  I throw it in my work fridge & enjoy it in the afternoon.  And it is still bubbly.  And because I am a flavored seltzer fan, I can add some flavoring it.  I really am not a big soda drinker, but once in a while I do enjoy the taste of something sweet.  Thank goodness for the diet flavors!  They are yummy!  There are more flavors to choose from if you visit the SodaStream site.  Not to mention that you can exchange your empty CO2 carbonators.  Very earth friendly.

No high fructose corn syrup.  No artificial sweeteners.  No artificial flavorings.  No artificial colors.  No aspartame (depending on which kind you get).  For me SodaStream is a no brainer!



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