Can't Buy ME Love

Well, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. My viewpoint on the "holiday" as an adult, has always been the same; just a made-up day where people are pressured (especially men) into showering their partners with flowers, gifts and anything else deemed romantic. And if you don't have someone special on Valentines Day to share chocolates and candlelight dinners with, better feel sorry for yourself and recognize the fact that your life is loveless. Do you honestly enjoy being guilted into this year after year?

Okay, I know what you're thinking, but don't get me wrong - I'm no cynic.

In fact, I enjoy helping the kids write out their cute school valentines, as well as surprising them with a few tasty treats.  I recognize that they look forward to this day, as I did in my childhood, and the fact that they get into the spirit of giving and creativity. But when I answer honestly about no special Valentine plans or the fact that my lovely and I don't exchange gifts, why am I looked upon as a Debbie Downer; someone who isn't romantic? I find myself defending my position year after year; the fact that commercialism is robbing the very definition of love itself.

Well this year was different...thank you Google for stating it better than I ever could! ---> Google Video

Peace out. Love. ❤

Courtesy of Google doodle for Valentine's Day. The Original song was "Cold, Cold Heart" from Tony Bennett


  1. Well, Debbie Downer (that's my ❤'s nickname for me) I am down on Valentine's Day, too! (My students were calling it VD for Just don't get me started!!! I too get weird looks when I saw me & my ❤ don't exchange gifts (EVER). Sorry, Charlie...But my hubby tells me everyday, without solicitation, how he feels about me. I don't need some day designated for him to do that. By the way, if that was the only day he told & showed me his ❤ there'd be some problems. NO?

  2. I agree and thank you for commenting! After I posted this I received some feedback from others that share the same opinion. Apparently we are not alone!

  3. I'm not surprised. Now we need to work on those other holidays...


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