Buying for Your Body

Well said, Marilyn. Let's face it though...we don't always know what looks most flattering on us at all times. We've all seen those articles about dressing for our age, yet, I still see women trying to dress like they are teenagers. I'm not trying to be preachy, in fact, there are many times where I've looked in the mirror and thought..."what the heck were you thinking?" and wished I had a personal shopper.

Perhaps the line has been blurred in the clothing sections; making it more difficult for women to figure out what area they should be shopping in. I know I personally get discouraged when I enter a store and shop in the "women's section" only to find that the clothes don't look trendy. I then venture into "young misses" and grab my size, only to find that it doesn't fit because of the brand. I then find myself peering into the "junior section" and sneakily trying on a pair of jeans, only to find that they are so low I look like I'm in the plumbing profession. To make matters worse, we are bound by a bunch of numbers or letters (S, M, L) that don't account for our body shapes.

I have to thank my friend, whose always had a keen eye for fashion for buying me a copy of "The Lucky Shopping Manual." Finally, a how-to for body shapes from what to wear, how to buy, where and when to spend. I have to admit, with a busy schedule I haven't invested much time into this book, but I was reminded again of what a resource it is; especially for those of us who are not fashionistas. I'm going to utilize it before my next shopping venture and hopefully it will be a much less frustrating experience.


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