Attack ads have become the norm in today's politics.






Mitt Romney Tweet


Many celebrities and politicians have aides, assistants, or publicists that tweet for them (not insinuating that politicians are celebrities).






Ron Paul Tweet



Attacks have now become 140 character soundbites.



The deaths of Tyler Clementi, Phoebe Prince, Megan Meiers (amongst hundreds) have prompted a series of anti-bullying and/or tolerance campaigns.  A call for educators to explicitly teach empathy.  Parents to be vigilant over their children's social network use.  Legislature to be put in place and/or revised.  All because of how children, adolescents, and young adults are interacting with and treating each other online (and off).  But these tweets, regardless of who was behind the keyboard they are still in the politician's official Twitter account, say that we have much to learn.  When will we be more thoughtful with our words?  Why are we ignoring that we, adults of all socioeconomics and professions, are role models for people of all ages?


A link to politicians on Twitter.


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