This Is Your Brain

I always find it fun to think about our brains and how our minds work. I remember years ago in a high school psychology class we chatted about left versus right brain thinkers.  As I was browsing one of my favorite blogs/websites I came across this post with this great infographic.  (Infographics are one of my fun obsessions.)

I enjoyed looking at what qualifies someone as a left or right brain thinker.  Interestingly, I identified with one side more than the other ~ all except for one.  I'm sorry, but my favorite animal is a pig and given the two choices, the one that should fit my brain just did not jive.  Overall, though, I thought that it was pretty spot on.

One thing that I liked about the infographic was how it gave you tips to remember as a left or right brain thinker.  Some are definitely things that I have had to teach myself how to do over the years while others are still a work in progress.

I hope you have as much with this infographic as I did!  I bookmarked it in my Evernote so I can keep visiting it!  To get a closer look, click on the picture!


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