Project 365

Since I have been on Twitter I have seen tweets about project 365.  I think I even saw my youngest sister post about it on Facebook.  I asked @gregkulowiec about it last night after he tweeted about it. A quick Twitter search led me to a link thY summed it up as this:
     * take a picture a day for 365 days
     * snap pix of things that are important to you
     * create a photo journal of a year of your life
     * share your pix with others.
I can see how a project like this could be difficult to stick with.  For one you have to become very aware of your surroundings.  You will want to try to snap a different picture each day. You are sharing a piece of yourself when participating in a project like this.  All can be daunting, frightening, and intimidating.
Despite all of this look at the power in a project like this!  Not only do you get to hone your photo skills, but you learn new things about yourself.  You may discover new interests. Or upon looking back at your photos you will notice patterns and uncover new passions.  So let's imagine for a moment that we did this with students.  Of any and all ages.  Obviously, guidelines would need to be set up from the go, but after that...
What a gift we could give our students! Showing them how to be keen observers of life. Their lives and the lives of others. Showing them how everything is important, no detail is too small. I remember one year, as part of a writing unit my students took photos of things that were important or of interest to them, one of my students took a breath taking photo of his aging grandmother's hand.  What a window of what he valued and how attentive to detail he was.  Not only is this a gift for our students, but for us as well, seeing our students in a new way.
I will be taking the project 365 challenge and posting it to one of my blogs.  I haven't quite decided whether it is best to throw it on here and tag it #project365, If I am going to post to my class Tumblr account and invite my students to join in, or both.  I am excited either way!


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