Out of Touch

Is technology connecting or disconnecting us?

In some ways technology is connecting us more.  If it weren't for technology...

  • I wouldn't be able to talk to my father who is living a fulfilled retired life on the boat or fixing up yet another Floridian house

  • I would feel alone as a professional, unable to connect to educators all over the world through Twitter

  • answers would be more than a click away

  • my highly anticipated reading material may never get bought, borrowed, or read

  • I'd create, think, and talk less

Yet, in other ways, technology is disconnecting us.  If it weren't for technology...

  • I'd be talking to the people in front of me more often

  • I'd be more aware of my surroundings

  • I'd be cracking my knuckles less

  • smelling the pages of books

  • physical contact wouldn't catch me by surprise

Is technology connecting or disconnecting us?  When it comes to technology, there is no black and white.  Just balance.  It's knowing when to put the phone down and speak to the person in front of you.  It's knowing when to close your eyes from the incessant beeps and dings of social media to inhale the day's air.  It's knowing what you can live with for convenience versus sentiment.  It's knowing when to tune out so you can tune in so that you don't feel out of touch when someone does touch you.


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