Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Just a Salad!


this past week I joined a friend for dinner. It was a last minute decision and we decided to meet at a local restaurant.

Anyways, I was dying for a salad and was happy to see the salad selections up on the wall. (I also ordered a cup of lentil soup that was spectacular and only 3 PointsPlus). I ordered the buffalo chicken salad only after ensuring that the chicken was not breaded and fried. This beautiful salad bowl was brought out to me and I loved it!

While eating, I was glancing around the room for nutrition facts and finally scoped out a pamphlet at the counter. It wasn't what I was looking for because it only had caloric information. I wanted to calculate the PointsPlus and ended up going online to find the nutrition info to do so. My jaw fell to the floor and I had a coronary when I calculate what I ate! That salad was 18 PointsPlus! Are you kidding me!?! It's only a salad!

Lesson learned. In the future, no matter how tight for time I am, I will go the restaurant's website to look at the nutrition info before hand.