Eating organic...what's the big deal?

Some of you may be eating organic, or you may be a bit like me a year ago...thinking this is just a fad and that I eat pretty healthy so why spend the extra buck? Now,  I have to admit that I don't eat organic all the time, but I have been trying to do my best to make better choices for myself and the family.

It all started about a year ago when I read Jillian Michaels' book: Master Your Metabolism. I thought it was just a book about jump starting my metabolism for weight loss purposes, but I was educated far beyond my own expectations. In her book she wrote about the importance of eating organically grown and unprocessed foods. I kept thinking to myself.."I can't afford to eat organic food! This seems like a fad." Well, I kept reading and did my own research on what foods are most important to eat organic; from pesticide ridden or hormonal induced. "They" call it the dirty dozen." I tried to focus on that list as much as I could and found a great article on what not to waste your money on when buying organic. This helped me penny pinch a bit and not throw my money away on foods like watermelon, where the pesticides don't penetrate the skin.  The funny thing is, that I was worried all along about the cost, but I find myself buying less and spending my money in the right areas.

It wasn't easy getting my fiancee' on board at first, but once we tried organic chicken, he was hooked. I too couldn't believe the difference in taste and texture. So this is what chicken used to taste like as a kid! I had completely forgotten.  Ever notice how chicken nowadays is huge? It's like they are all pumped full of steroids like bodybuilders. It makes the chicken really tough. Even from simply a taste perspective, you gotta try organic chicken!!


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